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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


I would like to introduce to you my art collection. Here you will find a wide range of landscape, abstract, drawings and Lalaism art, created with different techniques and materials, in different styles of all sizes.

In my art I can not refer to any big masters, any famous art schools.
I have never studied art, nor have I learnt from a famous artist.
My work is simply a reflection of the talent that I was born with.

My web-gallery is new, as until recent times I was mostly painting for my own pleasure.
In previous times, I have owned and managed a furniture company in Europe, where I have designed all the products manufactures and delivered nation wide.

Upon your further request I can provide you with more information and prices
regarding the pieces.

Your feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


Kind regards,

Lajos Gyula Gaal